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Unsolicited email from your PlusNet account

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Unsolicited email from your PlusNet account

Just received this from

Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that a source of unsolicited email has been linked to your account with us. This could have one of several possible causes, including those in the following list:

I've tested my system with three open relay checkers and it isn't an open relay.

I have checked the logs on my mailserver (runs postfix) and found nothing untoward.

The only thing that I an unsure about is that VMBU shows an astronomical figure, ~7GB, for e-mail which, in part, is the reason for me posting this thread

Limewire was installed with its default settings on one computer. I've disabled this and, over the last couple of days, the figure for e-mail on VMBU has only changed by a realistic amount. This hints that LW has a hidden SMTP server built in but a search on Google found no evidence of this. A full scan of the computer concerned only found one infected file - Wimdows/system32/autosys.dll - which I deleted.

Is anyone aware of any hidden mail server in Limewire or can suggest any other possible cause for this spam warning I've received?

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Plusnet Staff
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Unsolicited email from your PlusNet account


About 5 years ago there was a well publised case about Limewire containing a trojan:

and there have bee a few rumours recently of it going back to bundling spyware or malware or something in with it, not sure what's been proved, never used or intend to use Limewire, a few comments here:

It wouldn't surpise me though if there was though, 7GB is a huge amount of email, chances are that whatever it was was just churning out mail after mail using its own SMTP server.