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Unfriendly/un-usable portal


Unfriendly/un-usable portal

Is it just me or is it a common experience.

The so-called "Help Assistant" on the portal is a waste of time. I've just registerred a new domain with another company and want to host the domain on my plusnet account. It took me a long time hunting around the "Help Assistant" just to find out that the new domain's IPS tag need not be changed to "FORCE9" for domain hosting, however it would be necessary to contact plusnet support for them to do some configuration. I tried and failed, for 5 minutes, to find a "Contactus" link on the portal even though I stumbled upon the "Contactus" by chance link a couple of days ago.

Why do they make it so difficult for us to contact technical support?

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Unfriendly/un-usable portal

Because they appear to have no concept of what the users actually want when they need support.

There are many threads discussing this already.