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Well i recently signed up to another provider, I singed up with plusnet for the adslmax upgrade a few months back and on the 9th of august i signed up to my new provider. On the 16th of august i asked not to be changed to an LLU (which i assumed i wouldn't anyway as i had already asked to maxed! However i thought i better do it anyways, well today i got an email saying this..

As part of our commitment to providing the best value broadband experience, we have now successfully moved your broadband service to our alternative broadband network.

You should see no change in your service and you don't need to change any settings or your hardware, your broadband will simply continue to work as normal.

Thank you for your continued custom.

Kind regards,

PlusNet Customer Support

Well i have checked and they have LLU'd me so i can no longer change provider without messing around!

Please someone from support check this as noone seems to reply.
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I'd imagine PlusNet had sent the order before the 16th, and also before they (recently) suspended moving people over. Not sure how well in advance they have to submit it (my guess is weeks), or whether it is actually possible for them to cancel an order once submitted before the move takes place. Maybe someone could clarify?

So it looks like your only options are a cease and reprovide or to hope your new provider suppports LLU Mac's and to use one of them.
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The process to change your connection to LLU takes over 4 weeks.
From identifying suitable customers, to the change over day.

And once your line has been deemed suitable and an order is in placed the process can not be stopped.

So all of this process would have started, in mid July

The fact that you had asked to be Max’ed would not prevent your connection being transferred to LLU. Only opting out of the LLU, or having an outstanding MAC code will prevent this.

And in fact as you had requested a faster connection, with the BT Max program suspended. Then moving you to LLU would be the quickest way for PlusNet to give you Max speeds.



In that case surely a notification that they were going to change me over would have been a good thing?? Or is that just me? If i had known i would not have signed with another provider..


Someone from support take a look at this..
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The order to LLU completed on August 14th, two days before you requested an opt out.

Is your connection currently working?

Re: Hmm

In that case surely a notification that they were going to change me over would have been a good thing??

Did you not get an e-mail informing you that you were being put on LLU? If not then you were supposed to...

Unless PlusNet have stopped this practise.


I never got an e-mail saying that i was being moved to an llu, like i said i requested ADSL MAX which is not an LLU. my connection was a little flaky at first but seems to have calmed down now, however the problem i know have is that i signed up to another provider and i was unaware of the CHANGE date. I only got the e-mail that i had moved yesterday! No email saying that an order had been placed. I understand it can take up to 4 weeks to sort out the conversion, however i did not know that i was being changed so i had no problem signing for the other privider (who at the time accepted me as my line was ipstream) unknowing of me that i had an order in to be moved to an llu. Which means i can no longer move Sad I have yet to see what my new provider will have to say.

I have just had a look through my support and found the only thing to be this

This is an email from PlusNet to let you know about some changes to your broadband service.

As you may know, we have recently been working with a range of broadband network partners so that we can offer all of our customers the best value broadband service in the UK, as well as access to faster broadband speeds where available. As a result of this, we will be updating your broadband connection to use a new part of our broadband network on 12-05-2006.

However as you can see this is for back in may..

P.s. My broadband working is not the problem, my not being able to now move is!


That's a very vague message, what do they actually mean when they say "we will be updating your broadband connection to use a new part of our broadband network".

It certainly doesn't say you're being changed to a LLU network from BT Wholesale - it just specifies PlusNet's equipment (our broadband network), not that of broadband wholesale suppliers.