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Undeliverable SPAM that I am sending? Any ideas how to stop?


Undeliverable SPAM that I am sending? Any ideas how to stop?

Is the below example a valid message, i.e has someone hijacked my account somehow and sending messages?

I have been getting lods and loads of these from mailboxes, all seem to be sent from an account of my user group.

From: System Administrator []
Sent: 02 January 2007 12:53
Subject: Non delivery report: 5.1.1 (Bad destination mailbox address)

Your message

From: Wagner <yltdk@"myusername">


Subj: RelatedThe feature introduction Java Studio Creator Design-Time API for Sun Java Studio Creator 2 gives you an overview
Sent: 2007-01-02 06:44

has encountered a delivery problem.

Reason: Bad destination mailbox address
The mailbox specified in the address does not exist.
This means the address portion to the left of the @ sign is invalid.

Transcript of session:
550 5.1.1 <> is not a valid mailbox
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Undeliverable SPAM that I am sending? Any ideas how to stop?


You aren't the only one, I'm getting loads of these as well and I've seen a lot of other reports too.

It looks like the spammers are using a new trick, setting the from address the same as the to address and use something random before the @ symbol to try and catch out mail filters and spam protection.

One option is to blackhole the catch all mailbox so you only receive mail sent to addresses you've specifically created. See the following for more details:

Sympathetic Voice


I've just started getting these today. It seesm to me the PlusNet email account settings are not so good as they allow mail to be sent to your default account as long as it follows the basic formula of:


This means that there are any number of possibilities that someone could use.

I too was wondering of there had been some problem withmy email account and if it continues than I will stop using the plusNet account completely as I do not want to have to deal with all of these emails every day.

undeliverable spam

Hi, I've had the same problem for months - and just solved it.
In spite of having Norton Anti virus anti spam etc and AVG
I couldn`t solve it util to day
A friend borrowed a CD and broke it but gave me back a copy he had got elswhere
in retrospect that was when my probs started
I downloaded this today "Spyhunter" do a google search
the trial version is free
It found that my friends copy of my program had a trojan imbedded in it I was able to remove the program and it sorted the problem