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When I first read these columns, I swore I'd never be one of the people that use this place as sounding board for a specific problem. I've been in the IT business for over 20 years and I figured I would always do the right thing and escalate problems through the help desk. Well, I've just reached the end of my tether.

After a good few months of trouble free operation, my Netgear router suddenly started to fail to sync. This was over the weekend. I'll spare you the technical detail, since that's not what I'm complaining about, but essentially I then followed everyone's fault resolution instructions and have been been down ever since. Diags say my kit is perfect. My line is untainted by other telephony equipment, if you plug a phone into it there's a crisp ringtone and no crackles. Plusnet seem clueless and just cannot seem to be bothered to fix it.

If they are bothering to fix it, then they're not telling me. At one point, 36 hours went past without an update to the ticket, despite me calling twice in that time and being assured that line tests had been run and, on the second ocaision that I would be called personally within 24 hours. I wasn't called and no-one has a record of anyone saying such a thing to me. How convenient.

Failures happen, but my perception of the fault is that nothing is being done and there is no escalation procedure.

I've just finished my latest phone call and had the usual assurances. This time I insisted the call centre op added his name to the call and wrote down his intentions. This he did......and then added that I am "aware of false call charges". Really? He didn't mention this in the phone call (Go on Plusnet, dig out the recording of the call if you made one).

Any decent help desk manager will tell you that the way to manage a problem situation is through regular communication. I feel like I'm being led a merry dance on this.

If anyone from Plusnet is reading and is really interested the ticket number is 18214001
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I've had a quick look through the ticket in question, and it appears to have been handled in the same way as any other fault ticket.

The point where it differs is that you say you were promised a call back. Normally, this isn't something that an agent would say to you, unless they're taking ownership of the issue and are going to be calling you themselves. So I'd suggest adding this onto your ticket, so that we can ensure that the agents are fulfilling their promises when it comes to issues such as this.

As for the fault itself, there has been a response from one of our senior faults agents, and as such I'd suggest you check link:Contact Us in order to read and respond to this.


There was a response to the ticket only because I rang up AGAIN and asked for someone to correct the incorrect information that appeared in the previous entry. None of this explains an unnacceptable 36 hour delay in communicating anything back and the ommisions in the call log unless this, as you say, is the way you normally handle things.

The last member of your call centre staff that I spoke to actually did something positive, for which I was grateful - this was after you replied to my original message,so I will assume that you did something in the background to move things on but aren't prepared to say so here.

I'm now into my second "BT have to take 48-72 hours" sequence. It'll be a week without service if it takes that long for them to fix it.


Fault Repairs is a very slow process i'm afraid and this is mainly down to BT draggin there feet.

Usually once plusnet prob BT. Bt can take a few days to bother goign to have a look at the issue, and then they may return a repsonce that says nothing is wrong when quite clearly there is. happened a few times but theres not alot you can do about it.

Plusnet tend to update the tickets when BT report back to them. They usually dont get a progess report so there isnt much point in updating the ticket until theres news.


No reply = poor service. Sorry, but it's true.
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Indeed and I have asked time and time again for a modifacation to the ticket system for just these instances to tell you that there has been no reply from BT.

That way the customer is kept informed that there is nothing to inform them about.

However srae88 is correct in what they say.


As I've said all along, a fault is a fault and the nature of these things is that some times they take time to fix.

To me as a consumer, my perception of the way it is being resolved is through the only conduit available to me - the call log. If there's nothing there, Plusnet might as well be ignoring me.

It's a simple thing is communication. There is no excuse for poor service.
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Whilst it would be ideal to be able to update your ticket with BT's notes on the fault this at present is a manual process and in doing this it would take a lot longer for faults to be resolved.

We are working on some things (can't say too much about this at the moment) which will improve this situation, however at the moment we can only urge you to be patient and assure you that your fault is being dealt with and more information will be provided to you when it is available to us.