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Unacceptable Customer support


Unacceptable Customer support

A friend recently had total loss of broadband.
. Her router had no Internet light showing , and after changing filters, resetting router, trying other bits of equipment, changing sockets, etc, ie all the normal bits of self-help, we tried BT to have the line checked. Though BT were fairly helpful, they did say that the responsibilty was with Plusnet as ISP.

Contacting Plusnet was a nightmare. We spent hours on the automatic menu, down may dead-ends, we left messages that were never returned, and found the general service level almost useless. We had to resort to dialup even to contact customer support, - frankly it is ludicrous to have an internet customer support that relies almost entirely on internet communication - if we hadn't possessed an old modem we'd have had no chance of making any contact at all. One of the recorded messages that we finally arrived at after an hour bouncing round the menus was that that BT should check the line, which several calls to BT (who at least have humans one can speak to) repeatedly said was Plusnet's responsibilty as the retailer, whereas BT are the wholesaler.

Of course, like most consumers, I am not an expert on excatly who should be doing what, but it does seem to me that if one has a contract with Plusnet to provide broadband, and this is not available, some help should be given. Our contract to receive broadband is with Plusnet, not BT, so it is their responsibility surely to see that it is provided, they who buy it from BT to resell to us.

There was a time when service was good and human, one could speak to a techie who would sort out problems easily and helpfully - but those days seem long past. My friend, frustrated and disgusted with the service, is about to change ISP, and indeed I will follow, as I have compolately lost faith in the level of service provided by this once-excellent company.

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Unacceptable Customer support

I think it's very sad. PlusNet used to be a good ISP. Now they've completely trashed what was a workable problem reporting system, put up the barricades and retired inside their bunker.

If something isn't done about PDQ they'll start haemorrhaging customers to other ISPs. I signed up to broadband for a year. If the situation hasn't improved significantly at the end of that period I'm off. I just don't see why I should have to put up with this cavalier attitude.

Unacceptable Customer support

Welcome to the large and very inexclusive club of disgruntled PlusNet customers.

I want to leave, they are trying to charge me £50 + another months service for the non-existent connection I am trying to escape from.

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Unacceptable Customer support

I raised a ticket on the 5th (19764447) and was advised that calls were taking 12hours to get a response. My call hasn't even been looked at yet, two full days later!

They take your money promising support, but when you need it , it simply isn't there. Anywhere else that would be classed as obtaining money by deception.

Unacceptable Customer support

They want over a hundred to let me go... Sad

I actually told them specifically that they weren't authorised to charge my switch card and yet have done, (surely criminal?) and on closer inspection I also found they'd over charged me AGAIN two months in a row....

It's a good job I'm not in Sheffield....

Unacceptable Customer support

well i cancelled my direct debit, and entered incorrect card details.. so hopefully, they won't be able to charge me...... Wink

I'll laugh so much if they phone up and ask for payment! hahaha

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Unacceptable Customer support

Ditto, ditto, ditto ... I've written a letter to the Minusnet's customer services director in Sheffield. It's the only way you can contact a human in this rapidly degenerating and alienated company. Who knows if I'll get a reply. At least it got it (partially) off my chest.

... and yet, and yet, they boast grandly on their "Why Choose Plusnet" webpage:

.... And we're always working hard to provide innovative, ground-breaking products that we think will benefit our customers ... well, it would be great it they could get the basic right first - i.e. (1) a working, reliable email system without what are becoming regular outages and (2) a good, basic, frustration-free customer service operation for customers who need to speak to someone rather than navigate their way through labyrinthine cul de sacs manned by robots on an 0845 line. This form of 'customer service' should come with a government health warning.

..... No one likes waiting in a call queue - that's why we give you everything you need on our website .... it’s all online! It's quick and easy, and of course, we're still available on the phone if you need to speak to us. ... you whatHuh!!!! What an absolute joke. What happens if you can't get online and then can't find a human on the end of the phone to help you? Who's writing this stuff? It's plainly untrue if not deluded!!!

As a Pnet customer of nearly 6 years' standing I can safely say they have reached their nadir with regards to customer service this year.

I suppose I should be grateful I'm actually able to get online at all.

Unacceptable Customer support

My God, i had no idea it was so widespread. I will start looking into cancelling my contract as soon as possible.
Is no-one form PN lookimg at thgis board at all?
Do they want to lose all their customers?

Unacceptable Customer support

heh heh, did anyone try it yet?

Unacceptable Customer support

they actually respond to these messages faster than their own Customer Service tickets... although with little useful input.

Unacceptable Customer support

hahahah..... Plusnet removed a post..... but didn't make a comment on it.
They removed a link to a website that had the direct extension numbers of plusnet managers... I have it.............. Wink

Ok plus net here is the deal...

Fix my internet and I promise to destroy the information I have. Cheesy
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Unacceptable Customer support

What's the point in contacting a manager?

Say you got the HR manager, how are they going to help you? They won't - they'll probably not have a clue what you're asking about so will just tell you to ring the support line.

Unacceptable Customer support

heh hehe.............

I think if i exhausted every number I get through to someone who might help. At least you get to speak to a human being!

I've spent £20 listening to an answer machine, i even (as instructed) left a voice mail for someone to call me back two days ago.. that didn't happen.

At least now I can talk to someone... however, I am sure as its way past 4pm on a friday they'll be long gone.

I just want someone to tell me whats going on with my flipping connection, OR ideally, let me leave the service without having to pay!!!!

Anyone else want these numbers?

Unacceptable Customer support

Long gone, what makes you think anyone is there in the first place..

total wankers.

On 22 june there was a network outage and i couldn't connect for 2 days. Despite this, these arseholes are showing me as useing 600mb peak time usage.

I have desputed my peaktime useage but my complaints fall on deaf ears. I asked them how can i possibly use all that bandwidth if i wasn't even logged on? No understandable reply given.

What they have done is restrict my line to 128kbs for useing over 10Mb in peaktime.

I'm looking for a new isp, any suggestions?