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Unable to view secure websites


Unable to view secure websites

I am unable to view ibanking, Hotmail or even Microsofts website?? I have carried out a repair install of XP and SP2 with ALL hotfixes. I have re-set my Belkin router to factory settings. Still no joy. I can search blogs, google and all the othe nif naf, but not secure websites.

I logged into my neigbours wireless router; also a Belkin and hay presto, I can now surf secure websites.

It would seem PlusNet are blocking me from their end - I assume - because I have covered all routes.

Any ideas please......! Sad

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Unable to view secure websites

Do you have the plusnet firewall enabled - it is on by default for BB+ users. Try disabling it then rebooting your router to see if that fixes things.

Unable to view secure websites


Firewall is off. But I did enable it "Disconnected" and turned it off and "Disconnected" again and still no joy. This is a weird one. As I said before, I connected to onother wireless router next door and it allows me to connect to secure websites, so it must be my ISP!

Thanks in advance.... Smiley

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Unable to view secure websites

Have you raised a "Question" on this problem with PN? Sometimes things which appear as switched off in your connection settings are not really swithed off. I had this problem with spam settings - they were showing "off" in my settings but were actually on!

But when I raised a question PN sorted it quickly - and they are there on the weekend too! Shocked

Unable to view secure websites

Thanks M8,

I have posted a question with them, just waiting for an answer; I'm sure it's busy in there. I nearly always get my problems sorted in forums though - This place is full of experts and answers; pitty my prob is not in here yet Cheesy

Thanks for the reply Smiley