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Uloading to my FTP space from another ISP


Uloading to my FTP space from another ISP

I have a Lite account with F9, only for the web hosting. I get some free 56k dial up hours but I don't use them. I have 250mb of webspace. If I was to try upload my whole website which is currently about 150mb, it would take days on the dial up if it ever completed without stalling every few minute. It is impossible.

I have fast cable but obviously with another company.

Is there anyway for me to get large files onto my webspace from another ISP. If I had lots of storage room on my cable account I though I could upload my files onto my personal ISP webspace, then from F9 use a shell account and use wget or some other method of transferring the files.

But I only have about 50mb of space on my ISP account.

Can F9 offer any help for me? Any ideas at all, because as it stands, 250mb of webspace but with 56k FTP access is not good enough and I can't change to F9 ADSL as I'm under contract with my cable.

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Uloading to my FTP space from another ISP

Hi there,

With the account you have, you can FTP to the wespace from any connection (ie another ISP). It is only free accounts (PAYG) that have to be dialled up with us to FTP to the webspace.

However, you have to be connected with us to FTP to the CGI space, regardless of the account type.

kind regards


FTP access & uploading

Hi Luke,

As I understand the question being asked here. In other words HOW can "easypcservices" FTP from his cable account (which is with anyother ISP or telecoms providor such as NTL?) into his F9 website space so he can move his files across. As using his exsisting 56K modem F9 connection he feels isnt viable for this task.

I'm assuming that this is just a simple matter of using the cable account or connection, FTP client software and the correct F9 hostname or IP location to FTP into from his other iSP (oh! plus username & pass).


Uloading to my FTP space from another ISP

Doesn't Luke's reply say it all? easypcservices can ftp from his cable account as long as he doesn't want access to the cgi server. This isn't the forum for a blow by blow lesson on how to ftp, but since you don't get to log into the www server the only practical way to do it is to download to his local machine and then upload onto F9..

Uloading to my FTP space from another ISP

Ahh ok thanks a lot guys. Yes that's answered the question. I didnt realise I could connect to my normal webspace via any ISP as Im used to using the CGI space and having to be dialled up to F9.

And in the event of having to upload a lot of stuff to the CGI, I could just put it on my normal webspace then via my F9 56k dial up, use a shell and transfer it across.

Thanks Smiley