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USENET unusable - 2am

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USENET unusable - 2am


I have added to a current ticket (2130910Cool for this but wondered if anyone here would like to comment.

After all the discussions last month regarding peak-time usage I decided to see what would happen if I reduced my useage considerably. So far this billing period (7 days) I have used 3.23GB peak-time. At this rate I am on line to use around 13GB total out of my 30GB allowance (P2).

Tonight between around 01:20 and 02:00 my speeds have been around the 5.5Mbps Download and 370Kbps Upload yet USENET is so slow as I may as well give up on it!

Could someone please look into why this is happening.


P.S. How does anyone go about testing the actual speed of USENET when using OE?

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USENET unusable - 2am

I dont know if OE gives you a measure of throughput, but other reader will, so maybe find one that offers this (newswatcher does on a MAc) and find a large binary to DL. I'm never sure whether bad usenet speeds are down to PN or the news server.