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USENET/Easynews traffic ??? REALLY BAD 5.93KB/Sec


USENET/Easynews traffic ??? REALLY BAD 5.93KB/Sec

This is getting silly.

I subscribe to EasyNews ( although I rarely use it )

Today this seems pretty pointless...

My traceroute looks good, no packet loss, ok ping times etc.. but my THROUGHPUT...........

O M G !!!!!!!! my throughput ( if you can call it that )

5.93KB/Sec !!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!

this is as bad as DIAL UP!!!!!!!! and i'm on MAxDSL! synced at 8000 always have done, MSR figure of 8000 too.

I've been through the whole connect/disconnect routine several times trying different plusnet gateways, I'm currently on thn-ag1 ( 149ms ) going through to thn-gw2 (29ms ) then pte-gw1 (29ms ) and thn-gw1 (217ms) before breaking out of plusnet onto

Seems like too much internal routing to me?

PLEASE help me resolve this!!!!!!! it's driving me mental!

It MUST be traffic shaping.

As a guideline, when things are running along smoothly, I get around 200KB-280KB/Sec

I'm pretty patient, but this is getting out of hand.

I'm a low(ish) bandwidth user ( usually coming in at around 4Gig peak per month, highest combined peak/offpeak EVER i've used is 16Gig in a month )

I'm getting ANNOYED now.