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Turn off ADSL router overnight is best?

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Turn off ADSL router overnight is best?

Interesting note at, as pointed out by Peter Vaughan in

This suggests that if I'm expecting a 2Mb to 8Mb upgrade it might be worth turning off my router overnight, or even whenever not in use, so that BT have more chance of setting the line speed to 8MB earlier.

Is this right?

PS - Of course it looks like being next Christmas or sometime never before I need worry. :roll:

Turn off ADSL router overnight is best?

i would also like to know if it is better to turn off modem roter in the night for an upgrade
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Turn off ADSL router overnight is best?


I've heard stories either way so not sure whether it makes any difference or not. The original intention was for the throughput to update within 75 minutes either way, hopefully BT will have this fixed so that in most cases it doesn't matter.

unless your me

re my post

Turn off ADSL router overnight is best?

My experience for what it worth.
Router went straight to 8m synch, but only 4m speeds by disconnecting from the line prior to upgrade,
Trouble is you don't know when your upgrade will be, my billing date was 11th of April the change over when it came, from B.T's point of veiw was the 13th and plusnet kindly let me know on the eve of the 13th, so I was was unpluging router every night to try and avoid the problems mentioned on the forum, as you see it does not seemed to have helped, its been three days now and a rock solid 8m sync 11db margin and 21db att, 830m as crow flies from excahange. According to all predictures it should more than 6M.
Hope you have more luck