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Trying to find out how much I owe before I go

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Trying to find out how much I owe before I go

I've just been looking to raise a ticket to ask how much I currently owe PN before I move ISP. I have looking through the billing options in the support section but could not find an obvious option where I could raise my queary.

Could someone please advise which options I need to pick in the ticket system to be able to raise my queary. I do not wish to cancel at the minute until I know how much it'll cost so I don't want to select that option in case everyhting goes pete tong.

I also don't want to pick send me my mac code as that may well make things go pete tong as well.

I alos don't want to phone as I don't have the time or money to spend on hold, and the system is supposed to be the 1st port of call for quearies. Maybe PN should include a section in the accounts titled cost to leave.

All help much appreciated.


Trying to find out how much I owe before I go

Why not post your info here ? Several people know what you should pay to quite an accurate figure.

State whether you are monthly or yearly contract, which plan, how long you've been on it, and what you got for free (eg. activation, migration, hardware, ...)