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Trouble downloading images


Trouble downloading images


For the last three weeks or so, web pages have been opening fine if they don't contain images, but if they do, then images either -

take ages to appear, or

the browser (Firefox or IE) thinks they've appeared when they haven't and marks the webpage as fully downloaded.

Refreshing the page can make some of the missing images appear, but at the same time others disappear!

This can happen at any speed, including over 5mb.

Any ideas?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Trouble downloading images


I was going to suggest a different browser, but if it's happening with two already I'm not sure what difference a third would make. Can't hurt though, for Opera (it's free).

If that's similarly affected then I can really only think of a couple of other things - the operating system, some other piece of software or the router. Router's probably simple to rule out, just reboot it and check any parental or content control settings if there are any.

From there the most likely candidate is some other piece of software that's running, do you have any ad blocking software or firewall software?

I guess there's an outside chance the harddrive's full, although I'm sure you'd have noticed other things if it was.