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Treating customers badly


Treating customers badly

Hello all,

I dont consider myself a moaner and the only thing I've had cause to complain about in the past is Virgin Trains, but I feel PN are very poor in customer relations and devious in their policies. And no seeing a lot of similar posts on these boards I thought I'd add my two peneth worth.

1. They conned the guy who refered me out of his referel discount. It was something to do with only being available on certain products and NOT made clear. Cant be more specific at it was 18 months ago.

2. After a year on my 12 month subscription at £24.99 (with modem), they were very quite on the fact that I could now switch to the £21.99 (no modem) a month package as the modem was effectively paid for. I discovered the truth on these borads.

3. After over 18 months with a "clean record" I had a problem where I exceeded the 100Meg daily bandwidth restriction on my web site which was subsequently just shut down. I received a mail informing me of this and that if I wanted it back I had to apply stating that it would not happen again and outline the steps I would take to ensure that it didn't. "Please sir, sorry sir, it won't happen again"
Up shot is they gave it me back for less than a day and then took it off me again with no email explanation of why.

Why can't they help their customers with advice or maybe a warning of excessive use instead of just diving straight in a treating me like a naughty school boy and shutting my site downt. What about maybe "Oh, you appear to be exceeding your bandwidth, are you having a problem" and maybe a bit of advice on how to prevent the problem occuring in the future. Or advice on the web stats feature which I've just discovered.

I'm now totally without web space.

I'm moving house in a couple of months and PN will NOT be coming with me.


Treating customers badly


i dont use my plusnet webspace allocation, its too unreliable ask DT if he can allocate it to u for both of my accounts

hope this helps