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Transition from "1Mb" to "up to 2Mb"


Transition from "1Mb" to "up to 2Mb"

I've just been reading through the recent posts regarding the whole 'free' upgrade malarkey - I wonder if I can ask a few related questions without getting flamed Wink...

I am currently on a Broadband Home Premier 1Mb Monthly Contract for £29.99 Shockedops:

I understand that I could get roughly the same functionality for £21.99 - is this correct? :shock:

What happened to the sliding-scale for usage where you had to pay £1.50 for every 2GB (if I remember correctly) of extra monthly usage? Will PlusNet still impose fees for usage over a set limit?

Do the monthly peak (30GB) and off-peak (230GB) limits still apply to the £21.99 package?

I gather that users are being gradually upgraded free-of-charge to 2MB (or at least the highest speed up to 2MB, that their line will support) and I know that customers can also speed up the upgrade process by requesting a single upgrade for £14.99.

But what I would like to know is - when I get the free upgrade to 2MB will I still be charged £29.99? Or will the monthly debit be automatically reduced to £21.99?

BTW: I assume the 'up to' part of the package description is just PlusNet's way of covering themselves when the speed drops due to web traffic? Smiley Or is the 'up to 2Mb' referring to a monthly limit? Cheesy

Thanks in advance Smiley

Transition from "1Mb" to "up to 2Mb"


"Up to 2Mb" is the name given to the £21.99 package which doesn't mean any download limit, just that 2Mb download speed is the fastest your connection will be at that price. If you stay paying £29.99, you will be automatically upgraded to 4Mb download speed when it becomes available but this won't be til much later in the year.

The only limits imposed will be on users continually abusing the system and downloading VAST amounts of data at peak and off peak times. I've never heard of anyone getting into trouble yet.

Best thing you could do is raise a ticket through the help / contact us channels. Ask for your account to be downgraded to £21.99. You'll still be on the same service and when BT get round to upgrading all the exchanges, you should be able to recieve 2Mb, still paying £21.99. If you want the 4Mb speed when it becomes available in Autumn or whenever, pay the £14.99 upgrade speed and you'll be on "Up to 4Mb" at £29.99 a month.

You will save money in the longrun since, knowing BT, they will be horribly behind schedule with the 4Mb rollout and you would be paying an extra £8 a month for a possibly VERY delayed service.


Hi watty2000,

Many thanks for your speedy reply, advice and for clearing it all up SmileyWink - from what you say, I only wish that I had changed to the £21.99 service earlier Sad

I think I'll be quite happy on the 2Mb let alone 4Mb (assuming the line could handle it).

The only question I have now is - should I bother using the 'upgrade account' option available through the member centre or is it better to to just use the ticket system, as you recommend? Is there a difference? :?

Transition from "1Mb" to "up to 2Mb"

Hi again,

In the event of anything going wrong, at least the ticket system is logged and there's a virtual paper trail detailing correspondence with Plusnet.

I did it the ticket way. Requested regrade at midday, it was done by the time I got home at 6pm.

Transition from "1Mb" to "up to 2Mb"

Whoops - Oh well Shockedops: - just tried the option in the 'member centre' and it seemed to go smoothly, just have to wait a while now (since they say it can only be done when they bill me next) Wink