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Transfer Woes....


Transfer Woes....

I moved address and I'm trying to move my broadband line. Here is the litany of issues a "customer" (note the inverted commas) has to deal with:

-Estimated 2+ weeks to provision the new line i.e. 2 weeks without internet.
-I send an e-mail to the Plusnet support group after a week asking for update without getting a reply
-Finally lose patience and call plusnet to be informed that the line is on "PSTN cease" by BT and they can't do anything until the "customer" calls BT to clear the line. They would have informed me in due course...
-I call BT who inform me the previous tennant at said address must have had a broadband line which has left a tag on the line and I need to (a) find who the previous tennant was (b) find which broadband provider they were with (c) get a MAC code reference and get back to BT to unblock the line



-Why do customers have to deal with this SHIT service...
-Why can't broadband providers deal with transfers seamlessly and take the pain away from customers and deal with this between companies.
-Why can't Plusnet leverage their relationship with their new parent BT to offer their customers a better service when transferring and making all this useless hassle go away.

At the end of my tether and with no hope in sight for getting broadband....


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Transfer Woes....


I think I can see what's happened here and hopefully it isn't as complicated as is suggested in your post.

It looks like on the same day as you placed the request to move the broadband service BT placed a PSTN cease order on the service at your old address, i.e. they issued an order to cancel the broadband on the line which we can presume was because you arranged to move the voice service.

A limitation of the ordering system is that if you move address but keep the same number we can't place the new order at the new address until the order at the old address is completely ceased. This cease can either be done placed by us or by BT placing a PSTN cease, in the case of the PSTN cease though we can't set the completion date (BT have set this as 10/5/07).

The good news is that you don't need to do any of the chasing and everything is progressing as it should, the bad news is that it's just going to take a bit longer. We should be able to place the provide order either Friday or Monday I'd have thought which should then be complete within 5 working days.

The house move process is something that we'd love to see work a lot better than it does now but limitations within the ordering systems as well as other things mean that on occassions it doesn't work as smoothly as we wold like.