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Traffic shaping / BW management on Premiere (1mb) account


Traffic shaping / BW management on Premiere (1mb) account

Hi Guys and Gals,

Just wantted to get an opinion from you all on speeds you get for bittorrent on Premiere accounts.

I have a prem a/c which was upgraded to 1Mb about 2 months ago.
On a busy torrent with loads of seeds I used to be able to get 105+ Kbytes/sec.

This weekend during the day on a busy torrent (i.e. loads of seeds) I was maxing out at between 5 to 15 Kbytes / sec. Even in the evening at about 9pm I wa only getting 25Kbytes/sec.

All other services (HTTP, file download (4Mb file from firefox download site, speed tests etc) rocketed along at 900Kbits +

Now PN say:

If you are a typical customer on Broadband Premier there is minimum impact, at worst you will see a small percentage decrease in the speed of file-sharing at peak times. For example, a file that would normally take an hour may take an additional five minutes to complete. In contrast, on Broadband Plus this same file could take several hours, particularly through peak hours.

But this is clearly not the case for me.
I have complained to PNs customer service but I just want to get an idea from others whether I am the odd-one-out or if this problem is affecting many more premiere customers.

At this rate, if it doesn't get sorted, I'll be off to a new ISP.
I don't mind paying extra for an unencumbered service but PM just does not seem to offer one anymore.


Traffic shaping / BW management on Premiere (1mb) account

I've had torrents in the past that have had hundreds of seeds and peers, but still only get low speeds. However, checking with friends on other ISPs (NTL and PIPEX) it seems that they were getting the same thing - so it's possible other people on the same torrent had poor uploads or were throttling it for some reason.

That's the trouble with P2P, and bittorrent in particular. You can't really be sure where the problem is. Most of the torrents I've used recently have maxed my 2Mbit line though, even during peak times.