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Traffic prioritisation techniques?

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Registered: 23-08-2007

Traffic prioritisation techniques?

Hi PlusNet,

I would like to know more about the following in the latest round of changes to our accounts:

"Introduction of traffic prioritisation techniques to all broadband accounts. This will ensure that we can continue to deliver an excellent and consistent service, particularly at peak times, for customers using time-sensitive applications such as VoIP, email, web browsing and gaming."

I assume that ALL accounts also means Premier ones?

If this is the case what sort of traffic shaping can we expect on Premier accounts?

Kind Regards

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Traffic prioritisation techniques?

PN have said there may be slight shaping of P2P in order to ensure good peformance (low latency) for other services especially IPT (IP Telephony).

This shaping or prioritisation business has been viewed by many as a negative move. However, I would suggest that it works in our favour if what resources that there are (we are all contended of course) are prioritised for those services that would become in-operable / unreliable without some managment.

File download / sharing is a low priority (non real time) process. Much better to hit that when demand exceeds capacity.