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Traffic Shaping and VoIP


Traffic Shaping and VoIP

With regards to the discussion:
Broadband Update - P2P being throttled around the world

which seems to be topic locked perhaps to f9 staff/moderators.

I am changing from premier to plus as I'm a low user and don't use P2P aynway.

BUT I have noticed that the traffic shaping post mentioned above doesn't state the priortiy of VoIP traffic.

VoIP traffic needs high priority as it is time sensitive.

Since skype is in effect a P2P system this could look like P2P traffic and get given low priority so will this effect me on plus? Although skype is actually encrypted traffic so packet inspection won't work anyway to determine type, plus it uses arbitary ports so port priortiy can't be used either. Also voipcheap and voipbuster also uses encrypted traffic so this would be hard to give high priority.

Is it the case that all UDP traffic is given high priority accross the network so that VoIP, video/music streaming is all ok anyway?

If not does this mean plus is not suitable for VoIP due to traffic shaping?

Anyone from F9 want to help answer this please.

Or are there any PLUS customers users using skype, voipcheap, voipbuster and sipgate. Does it work ok even in peak times?

Traffic Shaping and VoIP

/me shrugs.

I just use a codec on skype which has high compression and a low bandwidth utilisation. On a 5 way conference, I have 10k incoming and 5.6k outgoing. Compared to other applications (like people sharing on torrent networks) then this really is not a high amount of network usage.
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Traffic Shaping and VoIP


If anything Skype will actually benefit on Broadband Plus. Skype traffic is actually monitored on its own and falls into our silver queue, so will be prioritised above all the P2P and Usenet traffic.