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Traffic Management and SUP - the facts


Traffic Management and SUP - the facts

OK, there seems to be lots of talk for traffic management and the SUP.
Here is what the support pages say for the upto 2mb premier package:

100gb total in the month, 30gb of which is allowed to be peak before you start getting warnings, peak time management, etc.

Traffic Management
All traffic is subject to forms of QoS 24/7 depending on the band of traffic.

This goes on to talk about traffic management at peak times.
clean allowance - full speed (although still subject to the traffic band QoS),
then different levels depending on usage -

level 1 20-25,
level 2 25-30,
level 3 30-35,
level 4 35+
each with lower speeds than the previous.

is this just for Usenet, P2P and FTP or all traffic?

maybe it will become clear when the customer tools are in place to actually view your usage correctly. (and hopefully a rewite of the guides to reflect the actual policies in place)

And to think, the last usage policy was scrapped before going live because plusnet thought people wouldn't be able to underatand it ;-)

please post urls of policies if you post any details or corrections.

Also complete the poll.

Traffic Management and SUP - the facts

Interesting idea for a poll but I feel there are options missing than just yes and no.

For example, while I now understand how its supposed to work, what they are actually doing seems to bear little resemblence to what they say they are doing and while the SUP is supposed to be telling us what we can and cannot use sustainably, the traffic management is so severe in practice that we hit a dead stop, or neer a dead stop at about half of the SUP figures for p2p/usenet/ftp/etc ie the very features that made us opt for the full service rather than just web browsing.

Options like "Yes it seems to do what the pages say" and "No, it seems to behave differently" might have been better or even 'Yes I understand why this is being done and I agree with it" and "No, I dont understand why this is being done and it seems unfair" and "No, I don't understand why this is being done, but I trust plusnet implicitly".

Traffic Management and SUP - the facts

I do understand it, but it could sure do with being simplified. Having a different peak for P2P usage and SUP purposes is apt to confuse.
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Traffic Management and SUP - the facts

i dont understand all this, if u download a set amount (30gig a month) then your bandwith will be monitored,
all this level 1 -4 about reducing speed is stupid and i dont understand it
, i pay for a 2Mbit connection, i get 1Mb (prob due to BT and this line) but then plusnet limit it down even more?, without a real reason.
I'm on ADSL 2Mbit premier and download less than 10-15gig a month, so i souldn't be limited!
Still my ADSL speed is crawling or timing out and FTP is non-exsistant, i login upload 2 files then it time'sout!

i'm hoping this is all a teethin problem on the new traffic managment system and not a issue thats going to be around for long.

Can plusnet advise the traffic managment is working ok?
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Traffic Management and SUP - the facts

I understand now, but only after claryfying here. I think it's very confusing though, especially for pople who are not pc/internet literate.

Traffic Management and SUP - the facts

You shouldn't have any limits at that kind of usage. Raise a ticket - you might be on the wrong profile.

Traffic Management and SUP - the facts

I understoof it after the 2nd reading and i'm very technically minded. I feel its too complex for users reading into it. Might scare a few foke off.