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Touch confused about the new change.


Touch confused about the new change.

I just read about the new apparent "regrades" up to Premiere 2mb and that the regrade is free, but as I go to upgrade using the ticket linked to in the post I get a lovely message:


To change to this product there will be a one-off payment of £14.99

What happened to a free re-grade? Or is it just not mentioned?

Please answer quickly so I can hit the magic button, paying more for a slower service isnt nice Tongue
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Touch confused about the new change.

All our residential customers are currently having their lines regraded to the fastest speed they can support free of charge.

Once the BT work has been completed at your exchange you will be able to connect at 2MB using your current account, no action is required from yourself.

If you wish to change to the Premier up to 2MB account then there is a one-off charge of £14.99, however if you are on a Premier product already paying £29.99 or more you can have a one-off free downgrade on the condition that if you then upgrade to 4MB or 8MB at a later date, that upgrade will not be free.

If you wish to take advantage of the free downgrade offer you will need to do this via a ticket at as this needs to be done manually.

Touch confused about the new change.

Seeing as my exchange wont be worked apon till august (knowing bt probably later :roll: ) I went ahead and changed to 2mb anyway, seeing as I would only have to pay £21.99 for 2mb premeier, tis much better than £29.99 on 1mb.

Shame I have to wait until my next billing time for it tho.