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Totally confused.


Totally confused.

I have just downloaded XP SP2. 266 mb, around 600kb/second. Kind of what I'd expect from an 8mb link.

(for the above link, slick the Start Download link)

So my link is working fine. Browsing, VOIP, p2p and winmx are pretty much dial up speed, ie painful.

Plusnet support say it is 'exchange congestion', but...

Firstly, the sites recommend to check this say my exchange 'Beckermet' is Green.

Secondly, and perhaps more tellingly, I took my PC, modem, router and cabling to my next door neighbour, and plugged into their broadband (with another ISP). Result? All working like Plusnet did a couple of months ago, no problems and good performance.

I conclude it isn't my equipment, or the exchange giving me the grief. That leaves my line to the exchange - but you say it is OK - or in-house cabling (that hasn't changed since the house was built, and was working perfectly a couple of months ago, I have no extensions or or dodgy stuff, btw)

SO that leaves my ISP, Plusnet - do they have any issues that may lead to my (and I gather, a few others) performance problems.

I would really like to know if this is going to get fixed, or do I look for another ISP.

I am slightly embarrased in that the people I persuaded to use plusnet are similarly afflictedSad