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Top of uSwitch Forums for customer satisfaction my ****


Top of uSwitch Forums for customer satisfaction my ****

This may have been valid once upon a time but these days, i dont think so.

Been about a week now since we lost connection and still no word from support. What has happened to the tech support, all this leaving a message stuff and no reply to the webnotes.

Even a while ago it seems to have been a problem, i put a webnote in a bit ago asking about plustalk and didnt get a reply for about 3 weeks. I will be asking for mac codes me thinks, about 20 for all my connections remote sites and clients.

What a waste of a good provider.

Moderators note by John (johnessex) Title amended to remove attempt to disguise swear word. Please don't do this

uSwitch is NOT a free service!


A liitle while ago I saw an item on television about uSwitch

This was about their power provider reccommendations

Apparently the only vendors shown in the uSwitch ordered list of energy suppliers were those companies who PAY uSwitch to be listed.

Therefore there could well be, and are, cheaper providers that are not mentioned!

I wonder if the same system applies to the uSwitch table of isp'S ?



Top of uSwitch Forums for customer satisfaction my ****

uSwitch is a private company owned by a scumbag Merkin company called EW Scripps. They are partial and are there to make money and have nothing to do with what is best for the consumer. or similar is a good place for impartial advice.