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Too Confusing


Too Confusing

Well what can I say? Thanks plusnet for a great service, at least up until the last 4-5 months anyway. Been with you guys for over 2-3 years and now it just seems like you're screwing over your so called 'valued' customers.

You messed us around with the proposition of a Fair Usage Policy that at least made a hell of alot more sense then what's in place now, due to this FUP policy I upgraded my account to premier 4mb (29.99 a month) as it seemed a fair idea. Alas this was in place for a month and then various other policies were being slowly implemented and the FUP disappeared which meant I was paying £5-10 more a month for a service I wasnt getting (line cant go higher then 1mb so I was paying for the extra GB allowance) because you change T&C's again.

I must admit Im a heavy internet user, it comes with being a systems engineer/technician for over 12 years I guess but that also means Im dealing with various ISP's alot. I have to congrat you guys on customer service, it has been consistantly better then other ISP's in resolving my clients various issues.

Afraid that doesnt count for much when the overall service provided is becoming as poor as it is, unless I'm mistaken about the SUP + Management (which is quite possible given the amount you have to read and try to understand) I should have around 30gb clean download? This is the first month I have recieved warnings about usage. I was aware of the 4pm-12 limit so was working within that boundary, suddenly its 8am-12 and I recieve a Level 1 warning. A week ago I recieved a Level 2 warning....According to the guides in place and the limits imposed on the on the 4mb premier account this should not have happened as I have only just hit the 30gb peak limit with a total of 40gb this month so far (month ends 20th). Either way I keep seeing policy changes and updates so how are we to ever know what we can and cant do or more importantly what limits you will impose next? We don't pay you guys £20 + for an account you specify being suitable for downloading / gaming etc when you then drop the speeds to that of dialup so I bid you farewell.

Must admit its been very fast / efficient in providing me with a MAC code so I can move to Zen, no questions asked, no attempt to keep customers? Or just glad to be rid of us?

Apologies for the slight rant, just disappointed in a company that had been providing an excellent service for so long. I understand the strains of bandwidth on networks and the costs involved so I know why steps need to be taken but the way you have done this has been very poor.

Thanks again and regards,

M Harvey