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To many temporary fixes....

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To many temporary fixes....

Are other people getting the impression that at present Plusnet are moving from one temporary fix to another with regard to many asspects of the service.

All to often there are slow speeds which last all night and then are fixed only to re-occur a few hrs later.

The portal becomes slow nearly every other day.

E-mail time outs have been are not entirely new either.

Most of the problems of have only started happening since the start of the year what's happening to the service.

I know that new servers costing £100,000 or so are about to be brought on line but it seams that to often everything is getting blue tack to keep it together until the next time.

I hoping these new servers do more than improve the portal alone.


To many temporary fixes....

How can you say such a thing, PlusNet have told us they employ experts and why should we doubt that? Wink

Apart from the fact that when service status updates go out saying something is fixed, half the time it is not. If it is, the fix rarely lasts a week. There hasn't been a week go by without at least one of the core services having problems for months.

So yes, I think you're right, there seems to be far too much time spent telling everyone everything is fine rather than properly investigating issues and solving them.It seems that if one person thinks an issue has been fixed that is enough to announce to the customer base that it is fixed, there is not real testing performed. Apparently portal logins are fixed, didn't stop me from receiving an incorrect password notification this morning.