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To Users Of External Usenet Server


To Users Of External Usenet Server

At 12:45 I spoke to a agent from plusnet name not given due to forum rules,
That plusnet are not investigating the slowdown with external usenet server but only their own, and are not concerned about external usenet users and do not intend to investigate external usenet slowdown ,

I asked the agent if that is true than there will be no problem with posting on here or Ag confirming what he had told me, which after checking with someone said yes thats ok,

So if any comms member tell you otherwise then i would say that they are misleading you,
I even brought up the point that even light users are suffering the slow d/l speeds aswell as the heavy users i asked him he thought that was fair, to which he replied if you think its not fair thats your proocative,

So all i can say dont waste your time complaing about the usenet speeds on external usenet servers because plusnet are not going to do anything about it..

ps..they rung me because i put a complaint in too

i will post also on another matter in another thread..


To Users Of External Usenet Server

Just To confirm here is e-mail i just received..

Username geraintmx333

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support
Centre has now escalated your ticket [number 17823768 ]
for further investigation/resolution.

The following comment was added to the ticket

have spoken to cust - cust is not happy with 3rd party usenet service - have \
adv cust that we have this under bronze where it will be staying.

Cust has chosen to migrate and have issued cust with MAC Key.


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