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Time shifting


Time shifting

Posted: 10 Nov 2006 05:43 pm Post subject: Announcement: Emergency Maintenance (Network Load Balancers)


Service Affected:- Portals, E-Mail, Homepages (Webspace), FTP, Authoritative DNS

Maintenance Window:- 10th November 5:45am - 7:00am

Detailed description of work to be performed:-
We will be preforming emergency maintenance on the load balancing equipment to correct a configuration error. This work needs to be carried out as an emergency, as it could potentially become customer affecting if it is left to a timeslot arranged out-of-hours.

Expected Customer Impact:-
Customers will likely be unable to access the above mentioned services for a period of no more than 5 minutes.

Kind Regards,

Liam Martin
Customer Support

I think I should wait for yesterday to try and access the above mentioned services... Wink