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Time/Date Display in Forums


Time/Date Display in Forums


Could anybody help me please. I'm not getting much support from Plusnet on this. I sent the following ticket in

I'm having a problem with the displayed time in the discussion forums. I had been surprised at some of the timings on the postings. Now I see why. The 'time now' as I write this (1/5 11.08 )at the head of the forum is 05 May 2006 02.04. This happens consistently on two different computers (W98, IE 6 and W XP SP2, Firefox).

Is there a way of getting these timings correct?

I got the following response

Please contact one of the moderators. They will tell you how to fix this.

I assume that by moderator is meant someone I contact by phone (or does it mean forum moderator?), but the waiting time seems to be consistently "over 30 mins".

So I would be very grateful if someone here could explain to me what is going on.

Many Thanks

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Time/Date Display in Forums

Click the profile link at the top and set timezone to GMT+1 (which represents BST) and the forum post times will be correct.
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Time/Date Display in Forums

You beat me to it Peter Smiley

To answer your second question -
The response you got from Contact Us wasn't very helpful.
The moderators (such as myself) don't work for PlusNet, we are here to help in the running of the Forums (along with everyone else who is part of the Forum community)

And welcome to the forums by the way.


Time/Date Display in Forums

Peter and Chris

Many thanks for your helpful and very quick response. Obviously this is the place to get support!

And thanks for your welcome.

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Time/Date Display in Forums

The reason behind it is that whilst PHPBB has a default time setting, this is the time relevant to the server it is on, and does not take account of the location of its users.

Using my own forum as an example, I have the time set to GMT+1 (at the moment).

When a NEW user signs up, and they are in the UK, they will have the correct time set for their profile, all existing users - or to be more specific, those that signed up before the server time change was made, will be an hour out.

The reason you cannot do a blanket time set on all registered accounts, is that the forums may have users from different time zones, well mine certainly has, from all over Europe and various places in the states - so you can see how a quick change to set everyones time zone would result in very odd results for several members.

Perhaps, as PN only supply to the one time zone there would be the possibility of a phpbb hack to allow the mass modification of everyones time zone setting for BST?

I dont know if such a hack exists, as obviously in my case it would not be practical.