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Tiger and Voyager 105


Tiger and Voyager 105

I have been using a voyager 105 usb ADSl modem with my PC for about a year now and we have recently bought a Macbook with Tiger installed and have been trying to get this connected to the internet. It's been hard so far, especially as I know little about Macs. I have downloaded new drivers from the website but the instructions given on the website do not correspond with what I see before me with Internet connect.

The options given are not the same and when i try and connect it just says 'Device does not exist'. Can anyone help a complete Mac newbie idiot to sort this out or is it just not going to work? I have heard of a few problems with Tiger and Voyagers.
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Tiger and Voyager 105

You'll need to set it up via System Preferences -> Network. I'm not familiar with Voyager but assuming it's an ethernet connection you'll then have to choose Ethernet from the 'Show' menu and TCP/IP from that. The settings will depend on whether or not your router is set to use DHCP.

Hope this helps.

Internet Connect really only comes into use when you are using an internal modem for Dial-up access (or for VPN etc).
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Tiger and Voyager 105

You may like to have a look at this previous thread which indicates that (at the time of this thread) there was no driver available for an intel based mac with a Voyager 105 modem.

Whether Voyager have since upgraded their drivers I do not know. But you may like to consider buying an ethernet based router which is generally preferable for connecting a Mac to the internet. If you bought a wireless version of a router then you could also take advantage of your Macbook's wireless card to connect to the internet.

I can recommend the Netgear DG834G which is a simple to use wireless router which will provide excellent results with your Mac. The link for this product on Amazon is here:-