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Tickets and Customer Support

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Registered: 08-04-2007

Tickets and Customer Support

Would someone like to enlighten me as to what has happened to PN over the last few months with regards to Customer Support? I remember the new Team Leader's email about how PN will be putting the customer first etc etc but from what I have seen on these boards with Tickets not being dealt with and customers leaving it does leave me wondering where it all went wrong and when will it ever be sorted out? It appears that the Ticket system is a lottery as to when one gets a response from my experience.

I have used the 'referral' scheme but wouldn't recommend PN at the moment with customer support / LLU issues in particular.

A quote from customer support stats page:
"Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. That's why we publish these statistics to keep everyone at PlusNet focused on your needs.

If we’re not meeting our target times, we’ll be working hard to make improvements."

So let's see some improvements.

BTW I have two tickets opened, one not answered and the other answered but then nothing.