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Tickets Complaint


Tickets Complaint

29 hours ago I raised ticket 6960581, it has not even been read by anyone at Plusnet. Nevertheless the statistics are showing that the average ticket completion time is 9 hours 6 minutes.

Apparently if you telephone them, according to their stats the longest you will wait is 2 minutes and 21 seconds.

How can you encourage people to raise tickets rather than phone, if after 29 hours no one has even read it? Carry on like that and no one will raise a ticket, they will just pick up the phone for that 2minute 21 second answer. Not good is it?

I doubt in the last year I have raised more than 5 or 6 tickets, so I am hardly abusing the system.

RE: Tickets Complaint

Just spoke to tech support and they said I would have to wait until someone can get to my ticket - it's in a queue and I will have to wait my turn.

If I am in a queue and it's 30 hours old already then I don't know where Plusnet get their average fix time stats from - neverneverland?

RE: Tickets Complaint

I've raised quite a few tickets and they've all been delt with swiftly. bad luck? perhaps you could raise another ticket complaining about your initial ticket not being answered Smiley

RE: Tickets Complaint

The great thing about the ticketing system, it goes direct to the department in questions.

Some departments can answer quicker than others.

it may be that it takes time to get a answer for you.

In the most part, +net will answer for an allmost full reply to yoru issue right off, though some points may need clarification, the work has been done.

I sugest you seriously look at what you are aksing them, and say if it could possible obtain a reply as fast as other could.

RE: Tickets Complaint

Hi there,
The poster above me has hit the nail on the head. The current Contact Us wizard gives you the power to escalate your ticket directly to the correct team. Unfortunately this also means that you may not get an immediate reply (e.g.,ADSL provisioning don't work weekends), but it does eliminate a lot of the "churn" you get as tickets are forwarded between departments.
Apologies for any excessive delay in actioning your ticket - I am confident that your issue will be resolved as soon as possible.
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