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Ticket still open since 27th sept ID: 20376410


Ticket still open since 27th sept ID: 20376410

I Hope someone is going to action / respond to my ticket as it seems the right hand does not know what the left is doing. I migrated out to Zen on the 2nd of this month and have paid uptill the 14th in any case. I requested a mac key on Saturday 2nd september got it on the 4th September and paid my next payment on the 14th september. Migrated out on the 2nd October and still not had a response from Plusnet saying it had taken place even though i contacted them via the ticket system they say need confirmation from BT. (check your systems i have never connected since then via Plusnet)since i have paid uptill the 14th of October i cancelled my dd. As i gave 30days notice. Now i get emails from Plusnet saying that they can't collect from my account and i need to resupply details of my bank account. I again added to my ticket ID: 20376410 but still no reply.

Mand or someone please respond / action ticket. This just shows how much Plusnet have gone down,communication has gone.

I have been with plus net since 2004 and found them very good till the email fiasco now throttled for torrents.