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Ticket Response - 4 hours target time is meaningless


Ticket Response - 4 hours target time is meaningless

Well, my ticket has been open for more than 24 hours, and PlusNet has not had the courtesy to respond.

I just got through on the phone, but the operator terminated the call because he said it wasn't because PlusNet didn't have the 'courtesy' to respond, but just that 'no-one had got round to looking at it yet' (What's the difference??). We couldn't agree on terminology.

Clearly PlusNet doesn't understand 'Customer Service'. The ADVERTISED target is four hours - how can PlusNet boast that they get anywhere near that if no-one has even LOOKED at the ticket in 25 hours?

If PlusNet is not going to respond to tickets in anything even approaching the target time, then it SHOULD perform the courtesy of letting customers know.

Otherwise stop boasting about average and target response times - they are meaningless.

If PlusNet wants to encourage customers to use the on-line help and support, then it really needs to respond to customers in a helpful and timely manner.

PlusNet: Product is good but customer service is atrocious.