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Ticket No 4029588

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Ticket No 4029588

Hello Support

Earlier today I called you via the land line to try and clarify a confusing issue with the instruction for my ADSL modem and you raised a ticked for me see below.

Customer has bought the Eicon Diva 2430 SE USB modem that we recommend on the portal, but the instructions state NOT to use a filter. Investigating this further and will call customer back when I have further info.

Having visited the Eicon website I think that I know the answer to this confusion.

What Eicon call a filter is just that ie a low pass filter that only has one output to the telephone. This I think is being confused with A "Splitter" which has the 2 outputs and incudes the low pass filter to separate the phone side of things.

Anothr point I think worth mentioning for others that buy this modem is that it comes with only a 1 mtr USB leed. not realy long enough for my needs and I have had to buy a longer one.

So all I am awaiting now is the phone call to tell me that my line has been enabled.


RE: Ticket No 4029588

Thanks for the posting.
Once BT have fully enabled the line they will inform us and we will be able fully enable your account and get back to you.

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