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Ticket ID 5880596


Ticket ID 5880596

hi there
i was supposed to get an idea what is going to happen to my adsl office 2000 business account at 3 pm today but 3 and a half hours has passed and i still don't have a clue whats going on. I am starting to get a annoyed now so can someone give me a straight answer what the hell is going on please



RE: Ticket ID 5880596

hmm still no rlpy , now been 6 hrs. So what is the point of sending this ticket to me then

15:00:15 Comment By: Paul Berry
NOS - P&F - DSL Provisioning We would like to inform you that, unfortunately, we cannot resolve your current issue immediately.

We have arranged to review this issue on Friday 10th January at 15:00, when we expect to be able to either solve your issue or provide you with an update on further progress.

For your information, the following was added to your Contact Us ticket:

Flagged for review tomorrow. Assigned

still waiting folks

RE: Ticket ID 5880596

if you have not got a clue when i be able to use adsl business office 2000 would it be best just to tell me, instead me waiting for reply i am hoping to get but in the end i wont get today

ia ma very annoyed