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Ticket Closing, thumbs up!

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Ticket Closing, thumbs up!

I just closed a ticket and noticed it now has a star rating for how you feel your ticket was handled (I gave 5 stars btw, quick answer and answered perfectly), I think its really a nice feature, hopefully the people that answer the tickets know they get a 5 star rating, because its nice to show appreciation to people that help!

So ya, really nice feature Smiley

Ticket Closing, thumbs up!

Yeah I agree tis good. Although... last time i used it I didnt notice an area to enter a reason why you didnt put 5 stars (i did at the time though).

Wouldnt it be better to be able to leave a reason why you have felt that the resolution of your ticket was not completely satisfactory? It may not always be apparent if the operator has done what he/she thinks is right.

Just a little suggestion... and sorry if you already can as I havent raised a ticket in a while Smiley