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Ticket 5383001 - still no progress?


Ticket 5383001 - still no progress?

I see my ticket has been escalated to high priority as of 7.00am this morning, but there's still been no further response as at the time of writing. I've had further instances of emails taking over 4 hours to arrive today. When can I expect someone to have a look at the problem, which is causing me significant difficulties?

For the benefit of the curious, the ticket relates to slow email receipt and delivery. Many incoming emails are taking several hours to arrive (over 4 hours sometimes). I've not seen anyone else report such a problem here lately, but that serves only to make me more concerned rather than less.

The delays seem to be occurring once the emails reach, but I can't understand why this isn't affecting a fair few PlusNet accounts. I'm sure it isn't the case that you're all happy to put up with such delays!

RE: Ticket 5383001 - still no progress?

Dear Customer,

Please see the service status posting, we have been suffering from email queues for some time today.

The queue is now clearing and should be clear within the next few hours.

Please keep an eye on the service status posting for further information.

Kind Regards

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RE: Ticket 5383001 - still no progress?

I noticed emails taking over 2 hours to reach me on Monday (30/9) afternoon. It was the same Tuesday morning and was taking over 4 hours by the afternoon. That's when they told me the queues were clearing. I've just received one which has taken over 8 hours.

Same old story. Support tell the users it's being fixed to buy them some time. Why can't PlusNet be honest and tell us what is really going on and give us an accurate estimate of how long it will take to fix?

RE: Ticket 5383001 - still no progress?

Sorry mate, I expect that your ticket is gone forever now, they will make a comment on it, which they might sign as "Comment By You", look familiar, have a look at all your tickets that have ever nbeen raised. you`ll find more than you thought. Advise aswell, save the tickets complete page to hard drive. I found this handy, as Plusnet have the ability to change, amend or delete tickets. That handy for them.

RE: Ticket 5383001 - still no progress?

>Please see the service status posting, we have been suffering from email queues for some time today.

I checked Service Status before posting to this forum and there was nothing about the email service at the time I posted. My problems didn't just happen yesterday, but also on Monday and Friday before that. I didn't use the computer much over the weekend, so haven't looked into what happened then.

The symptoms seem to be that email arrival starts off OK each day, but then seems to get progressively slower as the day goes on. In the end yesterday, it was taking over 6 hours for some emails to arrive.

Clearly Gareth is having the same problems as me, but I can't understand why more PlusNet customers aren't being affected? I'm sure many would be posting here if their emails were taking 6-8 hours to arrive.
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RE: Ticket 5383001 - still no progress?

Hi Chris,

We have seen some mail queues grow during the day in the last couple of days. The network engineers have had to manually clear down the queues, which once instigated has happened very quickly.

We are investigating the root cause of this at the moment (Queues were lower today, but the rise followed the same pattern). We have pretty much ruled out and sort of Denial of Service attack and are investigating the possibility of a hardware fault on one of the mail servers.

Because we run a large mail server farm, and this problem has only been apparent on one of the mail servers, it has only affected some customers.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

Best Wishes,

Ian Wild
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