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Ticket: 20463318


Ticket: 20463318

Am I in the right place to talk about this?

Ticket:20463318. I have sent the cheque. The ticket has the details of my payment. The portal does not allow me to respond to the open question. I am told to "Arrange Payment now..."

How can I communicate?

Here is what I tried:

1. My Questions. No luck - "Arrange Payment now..."
2. Phone. No good - I go through the voice menu. I choose an option to do with billing. I am disconnected after being told that I must use the portal.
3. The portal. Still no luck - "Arrange Payment now..."
4. The Community Support Forum. I am trying it now...
5. Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know.

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Ticket: 20463318


I have enabled your account and adjusted your billing date pending receipt of the cheque.

You should now be able to get online after a quick disconnect.

Ticket: 20463318

I was able to get into the portal today.

I updated the ticket.
Hopefully you will be able to reconcile my payment.


Ticket: 20463318

Ticket: 20520706

User 'gortatole' has now lost its communication channels. The reason is again failed payment.

I would like to add to the ticket.

Background. (Somewhat Random Thoughts)

1. We have several +net accounts.
2. All are paid annually.
3. All are paid by cheque.
4. Sometimes one of these +net accounts is disabled because of failed payment.
5. My last two payments were late because I had issues in my own payment process; I admit.
6. You need a good lever to ensure that you are paid; I accept that.
7. The lenght of the grace period that you give us to deal with payment issues is _very_ short: 0 days. Today you emailed me a warning. Today you disabled my account.
8. The process of requesting a proforma from you is too cumbersome. My suggestion; your portal could have an item within 'Billing': 'Please send me a proforma' or 'Download proforma'.
9. An invoice from you would be the easiest way for me to generate payment.
10. I am using the existing topic for a reason. The solution of the ticket is now urgent. However the resolution of the underlying issues are more important to me.

Q. What do you think?
Q. Am I the only one with this issue?
Q. Where is the best place to talk about this?