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Ticket: 20204036


Ticket: 20204036

Dear PlusNet,

I am now into week 5 of requesting interleaving to be switched OFF on my account and nothing has happened yet.

Can someone please tell me why this is taking so long and why all my ticket responses are being ignored, this is very poor customer service. Any longer and I am requesting to leave and taking the 2 friends who I was going to recommend as PlusNet "referrals" this month with me!

TICKET: 20204036


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Ticket: 20204036

sigh Cry

Sure is quiet in here for an ISP with a "supposed" customer (that's me!) satisfaction rate of 92%

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Ticket: 20204036


Coverage of the forums by the comms team is fairly limited at the moment as they are working to help clear the ticket backlog (as detailed here). As such it is entirely possible that they haven't seen your post.

If you want to raise it to comms you could try their email address although I don't know how actively it will be monitored while they are helping out with tickets.

As I mentioned earlier PlusNet currently have large ticket backlogs which the comms team have been drafted in to help clear. This is most probably why your ticket hasn't been answered as yet.

Also can I ask that you don't bump your post as per the link:rules.

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Ticket: 20204036

Looking at the webcams the staff must not like the new centre as only 2 have turned up for work. The backlog will not be cleared very fast at this rate. :roll:

Ticket: 20204036

Like Aidan I have been waiting now three weeks.

I raised a second ticket to get a response which was

"This question is currently under investigation with one of our agents.
He will respond to it as soon as possible."

Ticket: 20204036


krwilson, you are lucky, I didnt even get a response to any of my tickets raised last week! Truly appalling customer service and extremley rude to boot.

Still waiting....