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Ticket 19990696 - what the hell is going on?


Ticket 19990696 - what the hell is going on?

I have had ongoing speed issues logged with this ticket. On Monday I was informed that my line profile had been changed to a 6mb agressive to see if this would solve the issues (this was the about the 4th change tried since I first logged the issue on 4th August). My upstream went accordingly to around 6011mbps but this didn't solve the issue and I reported back to PN and today I got the reply:

May I take this opportunity to apologise that the changes made by our LLU did not resolve this issue for you. I have escalated your comments back to our LLU in order for them to investigate further.

Apologies for the delay, we will update you further as soon as we have feedback.


However I've just come home from work and checked my line stats to find the following:

Up Stream
288 (Kbps.)

Down Stream
192 (Kbps.)

Noise Margin
Up:23 dB
Down: 43.5 dB

Output Power
Up: 9.5 dBm
Down: 20 dBm

Up: 11 dB
Down: 23 dB

it appears another change has been made and not a very good one as I'm now on a less than 256kbps speed after having around 2-3mbps when things were stable.

Can someone from PN CSC investigate this immediately as this is totally unacceptable!

The fact that I have also been waiting over 2 weeks for a MAC code to be transferred back to Ipstream and have been told that I have to wait even longer due to 'techincal issues' (more like Tiscali dicking around and PN not having the balls to chase them about it!) only makes me even more angry.

In requesting a transfer back to IPstream and not just cancelling my contract outright I was giving PN a chance to keep my custom. It appears it is not really wanted...

Extremely Link:censored off! :x

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Ticket 19990696 - what the hell is going on?

Hmmm, had a disconnect and now my stats have gone up to:

Up Stream
256 (Kbps.)

Down Stream
4096 (Kbps.)

Is this going to continue? PN please chase Tiscali for my MAC and get me off LLU ASAP...