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Ticket 19922783 outstanding since 27th July

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Ticket 19922783 outstanding since 27th July

I am currently holding on the phone for a response to this ticket. This issue has been open since July, and I have not had an uodate/response of any sort since last week.

Any PN staff like to pick it up, or is this going to be another example of the appauling service we are used to??

Only been holding for 5 minutes so far, so there's still hope!

EDIT - 32 minutes on phone now...

EDIT - 53 minutes holding on phone, still no answer. Ticket has been answered finally by Mand Beckett after I submitted 2 new tickets as reminders.

I sometimes wonder if they lose some tickets, and it's not until they are highlighted on here or by submitting a new ticket that they dig them up and do something about it. Each time I have been waiting a week or more for a response I have put in a new ticket, referencing the old one, asking for it to be chased.

Am going to give up on phone now...