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Ticket 19739796


Ticket 19739796

Enough is enough. 29 days or so without decent internet is more than enough to make anyone sick. I have had dial-up to isdn speeds on a connection that syncs at 3.5 - 4M. Gaming pings are poor. I have packet loss of 2-50%. Cant watch streaming video, cant do anything in realtime, gaming is pointless.
I was LLU'ed without knowledge or consent and since then my connection has been unsuitable for my needs.
I score low speed tests on PN tester, ADSLguide tester, Tiscali speedtest with tiscali login, and dan elwells broadband speed test tells me everytime I have packet loss and a serious problem with my speeds.
This has been escalated, reescalated, reescalated again, I have done your speed tests for no response. Im sick of being ignored. I ring up and hang on for hours on end, sometimes the line just goes dead and sometimes if you real lucky you get to speak with someone whos entire job is to pass the buck and say "its not us".
I had a good stable 1M connection that I was perfectly happy with, OK not blazingly fast but stable speed and no loss of sync. Now my connection is unstable, has never gone above half the speed of the ipstream conn I had, and I lose sync 1-10 times a day. Often I get disconnected without losing sync, this must happen 20-100 times a day. As you can see this connection is unuasble and you have had a whole month to fix it and you call these improvements??
Anyone experiencing same or similar problems plz leave me a message. We are going to publicize this now in any publication that cares to listen.Perhaps getting someone like Watchdog involved might kick PN into some sort of action.
Why is it you offer on these forums to put people back on bt ipstream if they experience these problems for an elongated period, well its been one month for us and we haven't been offered this despite asking for it at least in every phone call and most ticket replies. I dont care if you have to pay to have my line reactivated, you shouldnt have deactivated it. I want a good connection back now. I asked for my MAC in a ticket to be told to get it I need raise another! What so you can get another week or twos money off me for bugger all service(because we all no the ticket response times- lucky to get one BOT left reply a week and normally no information in it pertaining to your problem)!?
Why ask us to do Tiscali speedtests with a tiscali login and then ignore the results I gave you. This test shows that speeds are poor even on that login which completely bypasses the ISP circuit so i understand that my problem probably lies with tiscali and not PN but I dont pay Tiscali for my net, I pay you guys and for that money I expect a decent service which an not getting.
Ive bought a new router (unnecessary) but you wouldn't do anything until I had tried another router, so thats £70 I spent I didnt have to, and guess what no matter what router I use the problem is the same!

Ticket 19739796

Why does PN rep James bailey reply to all other ticket xxxxxxxx questions but mine goes unanswered again without anyone looking into it?Huh

Ticket 19739796

Completely ubnderstand your frustration and it is digusting that you haven't received any kind of resolution in that month or a repsonse on here. I suspect either your problem is unsolvable or PN CS know it would be a lot of effort to fix and so are ignoring you.

Request your MAC code and in the meantime I would take all evidence of your support ticket, replies and non-action of PN to Ofcom and make a complaint.

Disgusting! :x
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Ticket 19739796


Sorry, missed this one earlier. Raised internally now.

Ticket 19739796

5 days since submitting tiscali speedtest results, still no word or sign of a fix.

Ticket 19739796

Another day passes without any sort of update. forums fill up with people complaining of the exact same issue. Thats it. One month is enough, Im not going through two months of this like some people have. PUT ME BACK ON IPSTREAM.I had no emails from you regarding LLU situation and if I had I would have opted-out as the mere mention of the word Tiscali sends me into shiverring fits of agony. Now FFS PUT ME BACK ON IPSTREAM.Ive asked for this at least 15 times this month and still you wont offer it to me even tho my service has been absolutely piss poor for 1 month. You offer no rebate or compensation for unneedingly screwing up my connection. Ive had to buy a router and several filters just to make you listen that there was a problem. How long do you expect me to keep paying you for not providing decent services? Why is it that tickets only see a WEEKLY update and thats provided by a BOT!? Why have you not offered to put me back on an ipstream connection when others here with the same problem have been offered this? One month and no fix or even knowing the cause of the problem is too long. Why are you just expecting me to wait forever for something you obviously cant fix? What problems will I experience now due to you LLUing me when I want to leave your shabby company? If I leave and take an ipstream contract somewhere will PN pay my activation? If not why not? justify it

Anyone recommend a good isp?
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Ticket 19739796

Hi there

I have escalated your issue to our faults team, an update should be issued shortly.

The criteria for moving customers from LLU - IPStream without charge has been detailed in this forum previously, but amounts to a complete lack of notification or lack of connection as a result of the move.

With regard to faults, we will consider moving someone back if they are unable to connect for an unresonable period, as you are able to connect, albeit slowly, we would not move you back to IPStream without charge.

In addition, you were notified about the likelihood of an LLU transfer back in May.

Ticket 19739796

Not a chance I'm going to let you get away with that Ms Beckett

Quotes from Mand Beckett on this issue:-
Posted: 12 Jun 2006 10:31 am

Customers on an LLU exchange should have received an email in April advising that they may be transferred.

In addition they would receive a second email 7 days prior to being transferred. In some cases this email has not been received, our development team are working on this issue at the moment.


Posted: 16 Jun 2006 02:52 pm

Emails are now being sent out, as of a couple of days ago. As for the exact number of days notice provided, I'm chasing confirmation of this at the moment and will let you know shortly.

Customers are now being notified before the LLU move, the internal problem was resolved on June 14th.

We have said that we will cover the cost of a move to IPStream should serious problems occur, and have improved the internal processes to ensure that customers are not moved against their wishes. We are also working on the migration process as this seems to be the main concern at the moment.


Posted: 22 Jun 2006 12:46 pm   

Notice should be given in time to move, or opt out should you wish. The opt-out facility is still available. I did update this forum saying that customers were now being emailed as expected.

We will be reviewing the list of possible exchanges and emailing any customers on exchanges which have recently been added.

If you no longer wish to remain a customer, we would attempt migration firstly, and would then cover the cost if this is not available. We have stated that no one will lose out financially due to this issue.

Read my post at:-

Suggest you read all my posts in various threads on here as Dillons
and on PUG as Daved

Over a month of challenging plusnet on this deception of promising to notify customers.

Plusnet stated that the customer would receive notification of exchange being enabled for LLU and that there would be an option to opt out.
Also there would be a further email before the customers line was moved over to LLU 'in time to opt out'.

Ticket 19739796


You said

"The criteria for moving customers from LLU - IPStream without charge has been detailed in this forum previously, but amounts to a complete lack of notification or lack of connection as a result of the move. "

as he was not advised surely there's the justification..
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Ticket 19739796

While I commend the help from James and Mand on here, the frequency I am reading dead connections since customers were forced over to LLU is alarming - I wonder how many of these transfers fail (assuming many people would not post to the forums?). Maybe Plus could release some figures here (not that I am holding my breath Smiley) - 1%, 2%, 5%?

I am so going to keep an eye on my PlusNet mails to try and make sure it doesn't happen to me (even though I opted out). I have never had to deal with Tiscali before, but just reading these issues and I can understand why they are not regarded highly (and even that is an understatement).

Why do PlusNet insist in moving connections, which is only a cost-cutting move for them (since they decided to sign a deal with an ISP with one of the worst reputations I've seen), and it seems to be causing many customers to have connection issues. Are these connections not tested once the move has taken place?

It would be nice for PlusNet to focus on being an ISP, and that means providing a service (i.e. an internet connection) rather than blatant cost-cutting and screwing (it seems in a number of cases) a previously working connection up.

Ticket 19739796

So because you have replaced a BB conn with something more akin to always on dial-up and I can connect I just have a connection that syncs at 4M but downloads at 50-200kbps I cant do anything but sit here in the vain hope that you can eventually sort out the problem yet you cant even find it within yourself to treat me as a valued customer and update me regularly as to what the problem is, what you have tried to do to remedy it, what you will do in future if it doesnt work. Im still paying you guys the same money I was for BB and now im not getting BB. My connection isnt always on as it drops many times a day. My speed is pathetic, not even half the speed of the ipstream conn I had. I upload faster than download. What is this rubbish you have put me on and why can I not get off it.
I was not informed of LLU in any way. How many times must I repeat this. I had no email saying that my service would be moved to Tiscali, I had no email offerring an opt-out. I had no email confirming the move was successful. Nothing. nada. zip. bupkiss. sweet fa. Now why cant I go back to ipstream which was perfectly adequate for my needs? Why must I put up with an impaired connection for over 1 month while you guys just keep hitting my bank account for your monthlies. This service is pathetic, the CS is pathetic, and I want my origina;l connection back or to ber compensated for loss of work and time.
If I leave you, you have said on the forums that none of us will be financially impaired. So does that mean you will pay my reactivation? I have paid this once and didnt cancel it so I am not going to pay for it again. I dont see why I should have to pay anything when you cant hold up your end by providing me with decent service.You have had £22 out of me this month for poor net. Ive spent £70 on a router and another £20 on filters, because of course all home users have to have spare equipment or when a fault arises they cant get anything done about it because you just claim the problem is with our kit when its obviously not, its a widespread problem as anyone coming to these forums can see. That makes me over £100 out of pocket already and still no fix and still impaired net. I am not adding reactivation to this bill. You can pay that. I never cancelled it.
pings are poorer than before, speeds poorer, packet loss now and not on ipstream. So much lag games are unplayable. Streaming video doesnt stream. And you call this improvements and wont freely give me back my old service, the one I signed up for and never cancelled.
Seeking legal advice now because this is getting stupid. You cannot hide behind a clause in the T&C and not provide any service akin to what Im paying to get and not offer any sort of compensation for our endless troubles. So what if the fault doesnt lie with you, if PN is out of pocket over this claim it from your suppliers not from your customers. Its your suppliers that are letting you down not your endusers. treat endusers fairly and with respect something that seems impossible to your company now.

Ticket 19739796

Heres what you are charging me for and call improvements on old service.

Ticket 19739796

The FAQ clearly states:-
Tiscali LLU - PlusNet respond to PUG and Users

Article posted by wildmind on Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 21:03 PM
Following the announcement, and subsequent action, from PlusNet in moving users to the Tiscali LLU service the PlusNet UserGroup, and many other users, have asked many questions and raised some serious concerns over this.

One key issue, which left many people feeling uneasy, was the matter of forced migration to the Tiscali LLU network and lack of an easy migration route back onto a BT based product.

Over the past week or two the UserGroup has been talking to PlusNet about these issues and there have been a lot of questions asked, and valid objections raised. PlusNet have also been taking note of the comments in forums and newsgroups. As a result of this we are pleased to say that PlusNet are going to be changing their policies on this matter.

Today PlusNet are announcing that they are now going to:

Offer an Opt-Out option - so you can state you do NOT wish to be migrated to the Tiscali LLU service.

Email all users on potential Tiscali exchanges to make them aware of the opt-out.

Cover activation costs incurred by users who have been migrated already and wish to move ISPs on a case by case basis.

We also believe that the latter may be possible with minimal (if any) downtime but there are varying reports as to how successful this process is.

The UserGroup and PlusNet have compiled an FAQ page where we have hopefully addressed any questions you may have. If you have further questions, or wish to discuss this further, then please visit our forums.

This is great news in our view - PlusNet do appear to be listening!

This is clearly still not happening why not are you not capable as an isp of sending emails as promised to your customers?
I have managed to receive plenty of unwanted emails (plusnet spam.)

Ticket 19739796

Heres Dan elwells results for full test. most downloads went so slow they failed and packet loss shown here is less than I normally get but still evident...

Ticket 19739796

And another thing....

Why when many LLU customers are experiencing the same issues as me (obviously a widespread problem) has there been absolutely nothing about it on the service status pages? Doesnt the fact that many customers cant connect at all and others have dramatically reduced speeds compared to their synch speeds even worth a mention? Are we second-class customers now or is it you dont want to publicise your ineptitude any more?