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Ticket # 19651144


Ticket # 19651144

CS/Comms, please look into this.

After nearly 35 days with practically an unusable internet connection, coupled with a level of customer service that I can only describe as being at best attrocious, at worst non-existant.

BT have now admitted that there was a fault on my line. YAY!

I was promised faithfully by a Plusnet customer service agent in a telephone conversation priot to the fault being resolved, that if in fact BT were at fault, I would be able to claim back my subscription charges for the periods where my connection was not working, and that Plusnet, would in turn claim money back from BT.

At the moment, my connection is stable, albeit much slower than I expected. (500 kbps, which confuses me as I used to have a stable 2mb Line).

I have since been informed that I will not be entitled to claim any money back whatsoever.

To sum up my Plusnet experience.....

Broken broadband for 35 days.....
Terrible customer services / communication.....
Spent about £15 on calls to customer services......
Promised a refund on a faulty service.....
Denied a refund on a faulty service.....
Can't wait to recommend you plusnet :lol:

Final oportunity for Plusnet to show a tiny amount of customer care before I forward my complaint to the relevent regulatory body.

Ticket # 19651144

I guess it was just wishful thinking!