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Ticket # 19643436 - how long does it take for a reply?


Ticket # 19643436 - how long does it take for a reply?

I raised this ticket on 19th June stating that I had had no connection for several weeks already. I completed all the questions I was asked.

The ticket then informed me about 'Initial Checks' that were completed without finding any problems.

It then informed me that Detailed checks were performed and completed.
It also stated:

<<The Connection checks have now completed

Test result summary: Fail
We have completed testing of your broadband service. The results indicate that the fault may be caused by a problem with our systems.......
Your support request has been escalated to the correct team for review>>

This was all done and displayed the same day on 19th June.
So, you have tested, found it to be a problem with your systems, and then........done nothing. It is almost a week later, and I have heard NOTHING.

I updated the ticket asking for more information on 22nd and then on 23rd June. Again......NOTHING.

No information, no estimate of time it will take, not even a note to say it wasn't being ignored altogether.

On the 23rd June, I spent 35 minutes on the phone waiting to speak to someone - the automated message said I would have to wait 10 minutes. I gave up after 35 miuntes. Is it IMPOSSIBLE to contact anyone?

You ask that contact is pnow preferred through the automated system, but does anybody actually READ them?

I am paying for a service I am not receiving. For over three weeks. And you have already admitted that it is a fault with YOUR system. I am fully expecting compensation for this downtime.

That is if I can ever contact someone........

From now on, I will be updating the message EVERY DAY until someone takes notice.

PLEASE DEAL WITH MY TICKET ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Ticket # 19643436 - how long does it take for a reply?

I agree I cant think of a ticket that I have ever raised that got looked at within 12 hours of me raising it. More importantly though the time to resolution has never been less than best part of a week. I think thw worst one was updating my reverse dns. I had to send back the ticket at leat 5 times fore they got it right. Completely unacceptable for a job I do regualrly at work and takes about 2 mins.
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Ticket # 19643436 - how long does it take for a reply?


I'm sorry about the delay in answering the ticket, the CSC are really busy at the moment and some faults tickets in particular are taking longer to answer than we would like. The fault's now been raised with BT so hopefully they can find the cause of the problem quickly for you.