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Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?


Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

He he, well today we had one almighty thunder storm.

My comp is fine and I still have a good enough connection tot he net, but Jesus Christ by god almighty have I now got some noise on my phone line. It is so bad I can not even hear the BT menu or 1571 or even 1471.

Hmm Me thinks a report to BT is in order :p

Anyone else in for a free fix due to the thunderstorm?
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Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

In wish I could get a free fix from MaxDSL
Happily synching at 3200 kbps with download rates of about 2000 kbps
Crash - router resynchs at 1400 kbps - after 20 minutes I spot it and resynch back up to 3500 kbps - too late download speeds are now under 1000 kbps

Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

as i got told last week maxdsl and thunderstorms dont mix.

dont be surprised for your connection to go down to 1mb, this will be set by plus net because they will get a delta report from BT saying thats all your lins can handle. to then make it back up to what i was before keep disconnecting your modem for 15 mins a time over a 5 day period.

technology eh
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Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

We had a huge thunderstorm go right over us at 6:30am this morning, waking us all up :x . The lightning was striking the pylons that run parallel to our estate, so it was literally on top of us, yet the power stayed on and my modem stayed connected.

Then this afternoon we had some more lightning slightly further away and we seemed to have some brown outs, which knocked out the DSL connection three times and resulted in the connection speed dropping to 1mb... typical. :? Thankfully I was able to get the speed back up to 3mb again and don't seem to be rate limited any lower than usual.
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Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

Tomspcs, you're a disgrace!

Poor BT will have their work cut out dealing with all the problems caused by the storms, and so will be unable to work out when someone is just using this as an opportunity to get a thorough check on their line and jump the queue to resolve possible ADSL problems. I'm sure you're perfectly aware that BT will nearly always come out without charge if you report noise on your landline.

I'm only comforted by the knowledge that the users of this forum would never stoop to such chicanery Wink

Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?


Whilst I would love to sit here and take credit for finding a way of scamming a free line replacement out of BT I can unfortunately not do so Sad

My line is genuinely so bad that I now hoave to use my mobile or a payphone to make calls.

If BT claim it to be fine I will contest as I could not hear a thunderstorm over that phone line let alone someones voice :p
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Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

Have you checked your phone as that can get damaged easier than the phone line. I bought an answer phone a few years ago, only had it a week when we had a thunder storm that made a right mess of it.
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Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

Very good point.
Go borrow a neighbours phone that you know is OK and prove that first before you contact BT.

Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

Ive done a test with BT using and they even said the fault is on the BT network.

I dont mind as thats one less thing for me to do now but err here is a sample of what the quality is currently like Sad

This aside Iam still inclined to think the line is at fault due to the drop in stats and quality of ADSL on my line. Ive gone from about 5000 kbps down to less than 1000 kbps and I have cracked open a brand new filter incase this was at fault.

We shall have to wait and see.

Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

My goodness that is bad!!

Thunderstorms are fun....Are they?

Just to update quickly ( seeing as the bt faults service is back online )

Date reported 23 Jul 2006 at 14:39
Reference number SL0UTM53 Date completed Not completed yet
Fault status A BT engineer will be allocated to repair the fault at the time shown below. If you need to contact us before then, please call 0800 800 151. As one of BT's promises to its customers, our engineers do whatever it takes to keep an appointment.
Fault reported Talking over the phone is now impossible. Its very noisy and its needed urgently.
Expected Repair Date 28 Jul 2006 - PM
Results of fault diagnosis The problem is likely to be with BT's network.
We will start your repair shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have free redirection in place. Im hoping that only the BT Network was affected and not the ADSL side, but this is something I will have to monitor once the repairs have been undertaken.

Ill keep you all posted and others are welcome to share experiences or current problems relating to this nature if you wish.


Good luck

I had noise on myline due to thunderstorm was sync'd at 8128 all the time when i was maxed with a DS atten of 29db now on new pair to exchange from green cab .

41db DS atten sync @ 5000- 6500 Stable rate now 5000.

BTW are not willing to put me on another pair that isn't as lossy.