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Three weeks without broadband.


Three weeks without broadband.

My connection cut out randomly at around 10pm on the 16th of may, and still hasn't been fixed.

I contacted support and was informed that they changed some settings on the 13th and that I should try and powercycle my modem which didn't work. After asking support again, they asked me to manually update my VC settings, which I did and it still didn't work, so I was asked to raise a fault on my line.

This only had the result of not finding a fault with my line, and has been escalated repeatedly, to the point where they contacted their wholesaler about the problem (who is their wholesaler by the way? I've seen Tiscali mentioned a number of times on the forums but never in this context so I doubt it's them). After further escalation and enquiries by me, I received the following reply:
Case has been referred from faults to provisions due to "I have now found that this circuit isnt live on LLU yet". Please chase further thanks

The last time I've heard from support in any fashion was on the 1st, where they stated that they were unable to complete automated testing and that my problem was being passed on again.

Not having heard from support in 5 days, even though I've asked for updates twice in that period obviously gives me the impression of being neglected by support, especially after reading that one guy had to wait 90 minutes before he got through to them over the phone.

Anyway, the only way I've been able to get online over the past three weeks is through the local rate backup dialup service available, and I'm starting to seriously consider switching ISPs, which will probably make this the second time I've had to change ISP this year.

For anyone from support reading this: question #19426246.
I highly doubt this could be seen as queue jumping after waiting for 5 days for someone to reply to my ticket.


Three weeks without broadband.

You sound like I will be doing in another 2 weeks.

I too have moved only in early Jan where I had THE Worst experience with an ISP in my lifetime - UKOnline ....... 8MB ....... never worked one single day since I signed up.

I moved to Plusnet as I'd read they were pretty good and luckily I live in Sheffield and can pay them a visit if this doesnt improve.