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This whole level management mess...


This whole level management mess...

OK I have some questions, seen as I have been thinking why on earth is my connection so slow.

Come on here and oh - PlusNet have implimented some crazy scheme to priotize traffic, or something.

Fair enough, a business is a business, do what you gotta do to survive. But, can someone answer me these questions:

Is web browsing 'unlimited'? Free some usage allowances? I mean, I have been many people branding figures of '20gb ftp/p2p during 8am-midnight' and nothing else?

Also I notice people are able to see their peak and off-peak usage in the member centre, I cant?

As such I think it is highly unfair that PlusNe implement this traffic management when you cannot even keep a tally of what you are using!

This whole level management mess...

I also have just read this:

It quotes a PlusNet member of staff as saying:

Where a customer does utilise the connection at a higher level than the design of the account, and we feel action is required, we will communicate with that customer before any change is made to the connection.

We was not communicated with, it was just implemented and now have a slow connection.

I am disappointed to say the least.
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This whole level management mess...

Same here...

I too have asked why I wasn't given a warning but I just get the standard replies.

I have been with PlusNet (and before that, Force9 - the same company) for probably about 8 years and have always recommended them and given them a high rating (as well as several referals).

I will advise people use different ISPs and will always give them a low rating when asked.

Hopefully they will make good use of the few pence they save from me - it will likely cost them hundreds over the next few years!