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This might help ........

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This might help ........

........ anyone who has recently been experiencing dropped ADSL connections.

Since Tuesday night's thunderstorms, when I disconnected my modem (and didn't attempt to go back online till the next morning), I've had a very crackly phone line and have had my adsl connection drop and the modem reconnect numerous times.

I reported a fault on the line but didn't hear anything back from BT till this morning. The person who spoke to me said no fault had been found but suggested I remove all my adsl splitters, connect the phones direct to the sockets and see if the line was still crackly; she would ring back after 12.00 midday to see what the situation was. (She still hasn't rung back yet!)

Unplugging all the phones and one extension, removing the splitters and reconnecting the phones direct gave a clear line, which was still clear once I added all the splitters and the extension lead back in and reconnected the broadband modem, which so far seems to be keeping its connection. I'm assuming the storm caused a build up of static in the system and unplugging everything cleared it.

So, anyone else who has been having the same problem, with no joy from BT, if you haven't tried this already maybe it will help.
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