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Thinking of leaving under the 45 day guarantee


Thinking of leaving under the 45 day guarantee

If you have read my post from a few weeks back about how i was given 2mths free adsl by plusnet to stay..


Whats annoying is that i was promised that my usenet speeds would improve ok granted not straight away but in the near future,
So that was 1 of the reasons i accepted what they gave me ok maybe i should off thought more about the implications when i accepted their "generous offer" why.?

Anyway yesterday i received a phonecall from plusnet in regards to a complaint i made to the ISPA who in turn contacted plusnet, so this is why plusnet rang me.

Anyway to cut a long story short after a disccusion with the rep that called me about why i had made the complaint was a case of if im not happy then i could leave but i would have to pay the remaining 10 mths left on my contract £200+ because by accepting the 2mth free use( which up to date by the way ive only used 2 weeks off it ) i have then gone past the 45 day guarantee period.

So i pointed out to the agent that i accepted plusnet offer on the basic that my speeds on usenet would improve in the near future ok see below to what he had told me earlier on in the conversation...

That plusnet are not investigating the slowdown with external usenet server but only their own, and are not concerned about external usenet users and do not intend to investigate external usenet slowdown ,

I asked the agent if that is true than there will be no problem with posting on here or Ag confirming what he had told me, which after checking with someone said yes thats ok,

Also confirmed by ticket

***** *****
Customer Support Centre Assigned : [internal]
have spoken to cust - cust is not happy with 3rd party usenet service - have adv cust that we have this under bronze where it will be staying.
Cust has chosen to migrate and have issued cust with MAC Key.

***** *****

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Notice the bit about "we have this under bronze where it will be staying."
So in effect the promise they made me was worthless, so after checking with someone the agent then said that if i accepted to migrate then i could leave with just having to pay the deffered activation and modem costs of £83.75, so i said il raise a ticket to migrate, where the agent then said that if i raised a ticket it would class as a cancellation and the offer was only open if i accepted there and then, so ok i accepted the offer, and he then put the details through on my debit card to confirm payment of the £83.75

A few minutes later i had a ticket returned with my mac key..

So 1 point i would like to make to anyone thinking of leaving plusnet under the 45 day guarantee and you get offered anything like 2mths free service and things will improve etc..

DONT JUST THINK ABOUT IT JUST Leave, otherwise you could or will end up having to pay the rest of your contract up to leave in the future.

I hope by posting this that it will help any user to avoide the situation ive gone throught..


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