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There is hope after all...


There is hope after all...

I was migrated to maxdsl at the beginning of September but my throughput speed never increased. My sync rates were between 2700 and 6000 kbps. I logged a call with Plusnet support and I was told I couldn't get anything more than a maximum of a 2.5mb throughput. I argued saying that was wrong due to my sync speeds but they confirmed there was not a stuck bras profile or anything else, it was simply my line.

Anyway what they didn't explain was why they said that and it was only after learning on here that you need to keep a sync speed above 3424kbps for more than 3 days to get your ip profile to go to 3000kbps that I understood what was happening and why.

Then all of a sudden, in the last week my sync speeds have started increasing and remaining above 3424kbps. 3 days passed and I thought great an increase in throughput. However there was none, well not for a few days. It seems that even though the ip profile may update after the 72 hours the through put takes another couple of days before it adjusts or at least it did for me.

So even though I got put on maxdsl 2 months ago its only now that my ip profile has increased and my throughput gone up.

I believe this is more a BT thing than a Plusnet thing and the reason for this is due to the exchange checker that I found and also the fact Plusnet said there was nothing they could do so did nothing to assist in this increase.

It seems that BT have some major issues with a hell of a lot of exchanges and they report as red on the results from the checker. The dates for BT working on my exchange were fairly recent and low and behold my speeds have increased. It is still marked up as being the end of November before its expected to be fixed so I may even get better sync rates yet.

So while I agree Plusnet has gone down hill massively its not entirely down to them that you may be having speed issues.

I am still migrating because of the ridiculous traffic shaping and how the product has changed since I took out the original contract with them.

BUT I would suggest you check out your exchange on the exchange checker here >>>>

and see what it says.

I started off thinking it was all Plusnet's fault, now having read a lot on this forum and on the web I believe BT are in a mess with maxdsl and until they fix all the exchanges there will be a lot of people blaming their ISP.

Edited to put in correct link to exchange checker.

There is hope after all...

Ya know, I do feel people are sometimes a little tough on Plusnet when they have complaints about sync speeds/ip profile, hell I even did it - it must be frustrating to be working for CS and see tickets about sync rate all the time.

And, yes, I know the process is very slow to get it sorted but I think alot of it IS down to BT (the 3 speedtests, blaming it on phone line/splitter/modem/router/weather/street lights!), and then when they finally do agree to sort it, they make it worse.

But I wanted to give PN a chance, I really did...I've put up with it now for 2-3 see if things got better, but now with the extreme throttling until the early hours my mind is made up.

High speed broadband is designed to stream high quality media and to download things faster than it takes to watch it...but when i'm forced back to dialup speeds for 12+ hours a day, I know it's time to move on...

Plusnet were always at the forefront of Broadband, but unfortunetly they've taken some wrong steps along the way...

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There is hope after all...

I feeel exactly the same.

I have given them chance after chance thinking 'OK things MUST start getting better now' but they just keep getting worse and worse, with more throttling and bad pings etc.

My mind is now made up, if things continue to get worse in the next month then I think I will migrate.

If things get any more throttled then it will be nearly as bad as Talktalk broadband, my previous ISP which had appallling service on their PAID FOR service (God knows what their vfree service can be like, they couldnt run it properly when people were paying them for gods sake.

Plusnet are now quite expensive for Broadband Premier, we should be getting a premier line with few caps. Thing MUST improve from now on. Plusnet need to get their good reputation back by getting more capacity for all the new customers and relaxing the throttling/ getting the port probelms/ping problems sorted etc.

Come on Plusnet I dont want to migrate but you are pushing us away!